design challenge 2020 Game Changer Jam Session

In 2020, we hosted our online Game Changer Jam Session for winners of the Change The Game Design Challenge. Learn more about our participants and what they were able to create!

The game-changing course

During this four-part Jam Session run by Girls Make Games, winners learned to design and create their own platformer games with no coding experience required!

Classes of 2020

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Gracie V 13


I would like to change the way people view the gaming community by creating imaginative and fun games that help us solve real-world problems.



Sadhika A 16

Horizon’s End

The Change the Game Jam Session helped me combine my creative skills and my passion for computing into creating games that inspire others.



Lukas W 18


The experience I had with Change the Game’s game jam was phenomenal and really brought me closer to fully understanding the mechanics behind what makes a game. This opportunity you are providing will undoubtedly be what pushes the next generation to get involved with STEM and help create a smarter future.


New York

Shaul N 18

The Legends of Imagination: The Fight to Cope

The Game Changer Jam Session really taught me how the game making process begins. It was educational and fun and I’m really grateful that I could be a part of it. I’m majoring in Computer Science but because of the Jam, I’m seriously thinking about learning more about how to prototype my own game.



Ishya J 13

What the Fork!

I found the jam session to be interactive, exciting, and a great opportunity to explore and strengthen my game development skills. I’m very grateful to have gotten a great instructor who was friendly and inspiring.



Jacob G 13

Nack and the Seven Control Crystals

I loved the Jam Session experience! I wish I could have a class like that all the time. It really helped me to understand the concept of programming. Thank you so much for letting me partake in that experience!
When I grow up I want to be a Video Game Programmer. I want to be able to create video games and use my imagination to create all kinds of different ones! I have a huge imagination and it’s super fun for me to program. I was super happy when I got the message that I was one of the winners of the competition!



Riley T 15


I hope to use the knowledge I gained from these sessions to make games in the future that truly resonate with people and can impact their lives in a positive way. I want to show people that video games are more than just games, they are experiences that can shape who we are.



Michael W 15

The Realms of Creativity

In my jam session I learned that coding isn’t just a language computers speak, it is also a language millions of people all over the world speak. Coding teaches us that we have the power to reach other people and change the world for the better.



Tyler N 16

Yokai Dance



Abigail R 13

Figures in The Dark

The future of gaming is huge. We already have immersive virtual reality that can allow a player can enter a whole new world in, people can do full body movement, what’s next? Senses like touch and smell? My plans for the future go along with that. I want to be able to work with that and experience it myself.



Anoushka S 17

Happea Soul

Watching my game come to life was truly an exciting and unforgettable experience!



Calla S 14


I had a great experience during the Change the Game Jam Session. I learned a lot about how to create a game, and would love to continue doing this in the future.



Tristin C 14

All I Wanted Was a Waffle!



Amicie K 13

Rin’s Quest

I’ve never used Construct 3, but it wasn’t too difficult to learn. Vera was a great instructor and I learned a lot.


New Jersey

Jacob G 16


I will forever be grateful to the Jam Sessions for opening my eyes to the world of game design and unlocking my inner creative potential, and I will utilize this incredible experience to create games for the rest of the world to enjoy.


New York

Lyla S 13

The Wanderer



Giovanna N 14

The Intergalactic Adventures of Sirus

I plan to open a gaming company that is highly culturally mixed with 90% women.


North Carolina

Reid B 18

Personal Space

I enjoyed my Jam Session very much. I loved the experience of learning how to develop a video game with the other members of my Jam Session. My future plans are to learn more about coding and software development, but I will continue to practice developing games. I hope to make it my career one day!



Evangeline B 13

File Break



Logan K 18

Paranormal P.I.

I had a great time with the jam session and actually found it extremely useful and easy to learn, I was even able to implement aspects that I was not taught into my game due to the knowledge gained by prior instruction.



Braeden R 14




Ada M 14

Perfect Family



George M 14

Araleuen the Plateau of the Ocean



Dia A 15


My jam session experience was really eye-opening. James, my instructor, helped me whenever I fell behind and guided us through the game-making process in a fluid and easily understandable way, and I was able to create a wonderful game.



Sania B 13


I am grateful to have been part of the Game Changer experience which not only gave me a glimpse into the world of game development, but has instilled in me a penchant to impact the gaming world in a positive way in the years to come.


New York

Isabella H 17

Marigold and The Bees

The Jam sessions helped me bring my ideas to life. Now that I have the skills to build a platformer game, I will be creating my own original, inclusive game in the future. My dream is to eventually start my own video game company, and create inclusive games that everyone can enjoy playing.



Judnika M 15

Raven’s Box

The Jam Session was fantastic! My instructor was such a positive person. Our group had a calming and peaceful aura to it. We shared what games we loved and the game ideas that we submitted. Each day, we would talk about the good things that happened to us, which would brighten our moods. We finished the games we created which made me exhilarated because I finally made my first game! Overall, my Jam Session experiences was phenomenal and I would definitely do it again! Thank you for this amazing opportunity Google Play and Girls Make Games (GMG)! Judnika signing out! : )


North Carolina

Aditya 15

Detective Challenge 2020

After the incredibly fun and informational Jam Sessions, I will not only continue to play games, I will also definitely consider moving forward to a career in the video game industry.


New York

Marcos R 17

Lily Of The Valley

I had a terrific experience learning and developing a game during the Jam Sessions.



Derin A 13

Reverse Psychology

The jam session was well planned, informative, and I looked forward to it each day.

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